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    Specialty Rug Restoration

    DyeBold is always there to serve you with the best. We have extensive experience in restoring rugs of all types, colors and patterns. Restoration is typically done at our Studio in Florida, where the rugs come from throughout the US and even some overseas places. However, when it is not feasible to remove rugs, The Rug Colorist will perform restoration on location. We have worked with clients all over the world, from interior designers, to collectors, owners, rug cleaners, rug dealers and importers. Rug is an exceptional fabricated item for your use.

    You can use it on various things. You can place it on the floor to cover it appropriately. 

    Some people also cover their furniture and take it while traveling. This is the reason; it is highly important to some people. However, it can get stained or damaged due to any reason, it compromises the appearance of your rug. These faults can be eliminated by the professional services. Feel free to approach us to get excellent facilities in this regard.


    How does Dyebold serve you?

    Dyebold is a well-reputed service provider always ready to give you the best. Rugs can get damaged due to various reasons, we have excellent solutions to such problems. We restore rugs that have been damaged by the sun, chemicals, dye bleed or spills from drinks and unknown substances. As a professional service provider, we also offer custom overdyeing services that can change the color of the rug by carefully measuring the color difference and applying the dyes to the rugs. Color loss is one of the major issues that is ommong in rugs. They can lose their original color due to sun fading, chemical bleaching, or due to improper rug cleaning.  We restore the color by neutralizing any chemical needed and carefully calculating the color that had been removed, to beautifully restore the rug. Rugs can be stained by any liquid containing synthetic and organic dyes and colorants, including by coffee, wine and Kool Aid spills, and pet stains. Sometimes the stain binds to the rug, or sometimes, as in the case of pet stains, the pet urine can add a yellow tint to the fibers, and then within 3 days, as the urine turns alkaline, it can bleach out the rug.

    Using the proper procedure, we can treat the stains and restore the rugs original color by redyeing.

    Dyebold offer customization

    Many people come to us for excellent customization. We provide them with the best results in this regard. We offer a custom matching service so that you can match your rug to any desired color.

    This service can be highly beneficial for you. It is because the users may demand perfection in the work that can be obtained with suitable customization.

    DyeBold is here to serve you with excellent services that you will like. We are quite dedicated to giving our facilities in carpet and rug color restoration. 

    We serve in the following areas

    Good news for the people of California and Florida. Dyebold mostly serves in these places. In California, we mostly provide our services in San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA, Oakland, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Danville, CA, Livermore, CA, Dublin, CA, and Concord, CA. People of Florida can find us in Jacksonville, FL, Pensacola, FL, Destin, FL, Panama City, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Gainesville, FL, Ocala, FL, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Sarasota, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Cape Coral, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Miami, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Key Largo, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Key West, FL, Sunny Isles, FL, Winter Garden, FL, Naples, FL, Pinecrest, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Bal Harbor, FL, Marathon, FL, and North Bay Village, FL.



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