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Rug Restoration

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Specialty Rug Restoration

DyeBold is always there to serve you with the best rug restoration services. We are highly experienced in restoring many types of rugs. Our professionals can do this task without worrying about the pattern and color of the rug.

We have a studio in Florida, where we perform the restoration process. Rugs come to this place from Multiple places in the US and even some overseas areas. However, if you find difficulty in removing rugs from their place, our colorists can come to your location and restore your rug at the site. DyeBold has dealt with numerous clients from various parts of the world and offered satisfactory services to them. We understand that a rug is an exceptional fabricated item that can be used for multiple purposes. You can place it on that part of the floor where it enhances the glory of your room. Therefore, we make it tempting for our clients with our specialized restoration skills.

When it gets stained or damaged due to any reason, the grace of its appearance is compromised. As highly specialized rug restoration services, we provide our clients with efficient and advantageous solutions to these problems. The faults in your rug can be eliminated by our professionals because they are experienced in performing such tasks. Feel free to contact us to get excellent rug repairing facilities at market competitive rates.

restoring the rug desing by hand
rug restoration is performed at the factory


DyeBold serves you by using an easy yet efficient rug restoration method that makes your rug look new and attractive. We have highly trained professionals to complete such tasks. First of all, they notice the damaged or faded parts to which they will pay significant attention. They realize the work they need to do on your rug to make it new and glorious. After this, our experts gather the tools required to proceed and complete the process. If there is some wear and tear in the rug, we gather repair material. If the color is faded as well, our professionals also bring dyeing material. Putting the requirements of clients on priority. We repair your rug and restore its color suitably and make it vibrant for your living room or any other place where you want to keep it. 



Apart from rug restoration and repair, people look for customized solutions as well. DyeBold meets this demand of the clients by coloring and designing damaged and faded carpets and rugs considering the requirements of the customers. We also provide them with the best results in this regard so that they can enjoy the color and pattern of rugs that they love. We offer a custom matching service so that you can match your rug to any desired color. It is an easy solution to make your rug suitable according to your needs. We also offer custom designing for your rug repair. In this way, you not only get to fix it but also innovate its look according to your desire.