Why Over Dye a Rug?

Rug Over Dyeing is the process of applying one color to the whole rug, to change an outdated color, to achieve a color that better matches a surrounding. 

This is a practice that has been around for many years, but has gained more traction recently, particularly among interior designer when re-styling a home as well as the younger owners.   

For the younger rug owners, it is common for them to inherit a rug a rug that is dominated by the reds and blues typical of Persian rugs, but tend to prefer the more stylish colors such as fuchsia or teal.

Rug overdyeing is a great solution to keep that family heirloom by proudly showcasing a beautiful piece that still being able to match the modern home style. 

rug ownerswho tend to prefer the brighter colors over the muted pastels or even the 

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