About The Rug Colorist

I am beyond blessed to have found my passion in life as a carpet and rug restorer. I started out in this career track after moving from Florida to California, in the summer of 2015, when I started a carpet cleaning company. Life has a way to get us to where we need to get to, so it wasn’t long before I started noticing bleached carpets. Long story short, upon I began searching for a solution to bleached carpets, and you could say, the rest is history.
In the fall of 2015 I founded The Rug Colorist, a company that focused initially primarily in dyeing carpets and rugs, but it wasn’t long before the  company became 100% about providing carpet & rug dyeing services.

A few years later, the company re-branded to become DyeBold, LLC, to better reflect our market in encompassing wall to wall carpet restoration in addition to rugs.

The Birth of the DyeBold Machine

Since expanding to the carpet dyeing market, I noticed a lack of appropriate equipment to be able to offer full room dyeing and rug over-dyeing services. That’s when I created the DyeBold Carpet Dyeing machine, since there was no carpet dyeing machine in the market that was fitting to perform as necessary for optimal heating and dye delivery. This was a co-laboring of developing the machine and having Mytee Products bring the DyeBold to reality, so as to allow me to better serve my clients. The production of DyeBold machines was primarily for my personal use, but due to market demand, a few extra machines were produced for a few clients in the UK, Canada, and US Carpet Dyers.




Shift from California to Florida

Having recently relocated to Florida, I continue to serve the market in California as well as all of Florida. Due to demand of highly specialized carpet dyeing skills, particularly by Hotels and luxury properties, I service properties throughout the US by request.

My Background and Why Does it Matter?

I am a Brazilian born immigrant, having come to the US as an exchange student by the age of 16, where I learned the language and beautiful culture of this country. Due to my international background, I appreciate and am drawn to other cultures and get to appreciate the unique beauty each culture every day as I meet individual rug owners, enthusiasts and property managers, and as I get to restore rugs of various countries.

I am passionate about carpet dyeing and consider it an honor and privilege to apply my skills, talents and expertise to restore your treasured rug.

From Doing to Teaching

After many years of providing carpet dyeing services, and almost as many years of request to teach carpet carpet dyeing, I am pleased to say that I have had the privilege of training almost 20 carpet dyers in our first 2 trainings.

This shift in the business came amidst one of the world’s biggest disrupting events, the Covid-19 Pandamic.

What could have been meant for evil, was turned around to be a time of refining and preparation for almost 20 carpet cleaners, who are now equipped to not only clean carpets, but now each of them armed with an advanced carpet restoration skill, can set themselves apart within the carpet cleaning world by providing a skill that is much needed at a time where bleaching agents are sprayed freely and willingly within homes and commercial properties in an attempt to keep at bay this ravishing virus. Although the consequence of the latest sanitizing attempts may be successful at keeping this virus at bay, the unintended consequences carpet color loss is one that can only be remedied by carpet replacement or carpet dyeing, the latter which typically proves to be a more cost effective solution to the carpet owner. 

So be as it may, I am honored and privileged to help  carpet cleaners attain this carpet dyeing skill so they can provide cost effective solutions for their clients.

If in hearing about carpet dyeing services, your heart jumped, you might want to take a peak at our carpet dyeing training here. 

At DyeBold Academy, we train individuals in the art and craft of Carpet Dyeing for nylon carpets, wool carpets, and as of late, polyester carpets, that have suffered bleaching, usually during a process of environment sanitizing services, which can lead to carpet bleaching. 

These are unprecedented times, and it is my prayer and wish that we can each navigate these times safely and in health. 


Grace & Peace,

Issa Hoker, The Rug Colorist