About The Rug Colorist

As a carpet dyeing master, I am beyond blessed to have found my passion in life as a carpet and rug restorer. I founded The Rug Colorist in California, a company that focused primarily in high end rugs but due to demand, expended my services to wall to wall carpet as well, at which point the company was re-branded to become DyeBold to better reflect our carpet dyeing market to rugs and carpets.

Since expanding to the carpet dyeing market, I’ve created the DyeBold Carpet Dyeing machine, since there was no carpet dyeing machine in the market that was fitting to perform as necessary for optimal heating and dye delivery.

Having recently relocated to Florida, I continue to serve the market in California as well as all of Florida. Due to demand of highly specialized carpet dyeing skills, particularly by Hotels and luxury properties, I service properties throughout the US by request.

My background…

I am a Brazilian born immigrant, having come to the US as an exchange student by the age of 16, where I learned the language and beautiful culture of this country. Due to my international background, I appreciate and am drawn to other cultures and get to appreciate the unique beauty each culture every day as I meet individual rug owners, enthusiasts and property managers, and as I get to restore rugs of various countries.

I consider it an honor and privilege to apply my skills, talents and expertise to restore your treasured rug.

If you have a rug suffering from color damage of any kind, please reach out to us

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Grace & Peace,

Issa Hoker, The Rug Colorist