FINE DETAILING – Lastly, we focus on the fine details that are barely noticeable. The fine details ensure that the carpet looks entirely uniform and consistent. The carpet then drys. That’s it!


Once the carpets have been dyed, they can be walked on immediately with no color transfer. Dyed carpets can be cleaned as normal, however, we do recommend that you avoid cleaning methods that make use of alkaline (high ph) products, or carpet cleaning methods that leave soapy residue in the fibers, which can damage the carpet.


So if you spill bleach on a carpet, do not panic and contact us right away. We are certified and have extensive experience in offering 100% color restoration services in both California and Florida. Besides carpet dyeing, we are also experts at removing stubborn stains that are deemed by carpet cleaners as being “permanent”, such as coffee, wine and Koolaid stains, pet accidents, etc. So if you have any type of carpet damage, from bleached to stained carpets, you can get an estimate here:




If you are looking for additional information on carpet dyeing, you can find live carpet dyeing videos here:


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