Frequently Asked Questions

Why Carpet Dyeing?

Carpets are vibrant when first installed, but become faded and stained from everyday usage, spills and pet accidents. Carpet Dyeing restores the faded fibers. With our services, carpets no longer have to be replaced due to faded spots and stains.

Why DyeBold?

We are certified dye masters, focusing 100% in Color Restoration, with extensive experience restoring carpets and rugs of all colors and patterns in Hotels, Businesses, Homes, and Yachts.

Should I have the carpet cleaned first?

If the carpet is excessively soiled, it will need to be cleaned first. For regular conditions, our process will both clean and dye the carpet in one step. We add gentle cleaning solutions to the dye mixture that will both clean and dye your carpet in one step, leaving you with a beautiful new color that is squeaky clean.

Is carpet dyeing cheaper than replacing the carpet?

It is much cheaper to have your carpet dyed than to replace it. Carpet dyeing will typically save you 65-75% when compared to the cost of new carpet replacement. On average carpet dyeing saves about 65% compared to new carpet replacement.

How long does it take to dry? How long before I can walk on it?

Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on within minutes. Though the carpet will be slightly damp, the dyes are immediately colorfast and carpet will dry in a few hours. For fast drying, it is recommended that a/c be lowered, or that a fan be used to help remove moisture from the air for faster drying times.

Are the services provided on site?

Carpet Dyeing services are provided on site. It is not necessary to remove your carpet. Persian & Oriental Rug cleaning & color restorations are completed in our specially-equipped workshop.

Is it toxic/safe?

All dyes and solutions that we use are completely non-toxic and odor-free. Our process is fully safe for you, your children, and your pets. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for your inspection.

How long will the color last?

We use the highest quality dyes, the same type used by the carpet manufacturers. Our dyes are wash fast and colorfast guaranteed against any unusual fading for the life of the carpet.