DyeBold Dyes 

Formulated to be highly concentrated, to yield from the deepest and most vivid colors, needed for rugs and custom rugs, to even and balanced colors typical of wall to wall carpets.

Our  Dyes are crafted to be even in color strength, to  empower the professional dyer to achieve the best result, quickly, at the lowest cost of product and size of bulk

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About DyeBold Dyes

We have 2 lines of dyes. The Specialty Dyes and the Everything Else Dyes. 

DyeBold Specialty Dyes 

Highly Concentrated Dyes for Wool, Nylon and Silk Carpets and Rugs

These dyes are used in conjunction with a commonly used PH reducer, the citric acid, which comes included in the Specialty dye kit. 

Everything Else Dyes 

Highly Concentrated Dyes for Polyester, Acrylic and Cotton Fibers

These dyes are used with the Everything Else Dye Fixative, which comes included with the Everything Else Dyes.

Highly Concentrated

High concentration leads to strong color formulas needed to restore deep colors in oriental rugs and multi-color custom carpets.

True Colors

Each color is evenly balanced, facilitating the process of creating precise color formula. 


All colors are easily inter-mixable, to create any color to restore any faded areas, no 

Easily Soluble

Unlike some powdered dyes, the DyeBold Dyes dissolve effortlessly in hot water.

Highly Economical

Due to their concentration, our dyes are highly economical in use and freight costs. 

Dye Mixing Instructions Video

In the video below, the DyeBold Specialty Dyes are being demonstrated. In the DSD line of dyes, the use of the PH Reducer is to be used. The Everything Else dyes are mixed in the same manner, but necessitate the Fixative instead of the PH Reducer. 


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