Stubborn carpet stains


Carpet Stain Treatment Restores Carpet

Carpets are great at holding a room together and reinforcing the entire style and design of your living space, adding great value to the property. Typically, carpets are a resilient type of flooring, and can anywhere from 3 years to over 25 years, depending on the type of carpet, the level of maintenance and the traffic wear. Although a carpet structure can be very long lasting, the vibrancy of the carpet color can be dulled and prematurely damaged by all kinds of spills, most, if not all of which can be removed. And for carpeted areas, stains are not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

Carpets are beautiful, until they get stained. Many spills can be successfully removed, particularly if when the spill occurs, the area is blotted. But what about the times where the accident happens and no one notices, or for the pet accidents that happen and go unnoticed long enough to become an ugly stain? That’s when a carpet cleaner should be called to the rescue. Carpet cleaning professionals are trained to be able to identify the stains and treat it safely for successful removal, and many times, they can remove the stains. But what about those pesky stubborn carpet stains that won’t budge? 

Carpet Stain Removal

Is there really such a thing as a permanent carpet stain? Carpet stains can be considered permanent for the professional who isn’t well trained in advanced stain removal. It is very common for a cleaner will insist in removing the stain to the detriment of the carpet fibers and may even cause color loss. *When the carpet color is removed during the stain treatment process, it can only be restored by re-dyeing the carpet. You can see our carpet dyeing process here

Even though many of the stains the carpet cleaner cannot remove are categorized as permanent, is there really such a thing as a permanent carpet stain? It depends.

Typically, the so called “permanent” are simply a stubborn stain, which can usually be successfully removed by a trained master dyer.

At DyeBold, we have been called the A Team of Carpet Restoration, as we have a very high success rate in removing even the ugliest stains. Our success in the treating the most stubborn carpet stains are the result of our knowledge and experience of carpet restoration, with the science of stain removal methods along with our carpet dyeing stills

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