Dyebold Carpet Dyeing – Restoration of Bleach Stains & Stubborn Spots



Carpet dyeing is a unique art that many people find fascinating. By using this artistic skill, professionals apply color to your carpet and make it vibrant. An appropriate carpet dyeing technique is also used to change the color of the carpet. It involves mixing a dye and applying it over a scrubbed or new carpet. After getting dried, a new color becomes visible on the rug or carpet. DyeBold is one of the top carpet dyeing companies based in Florida. We are considered to be excellent service providers due to our professionalism and good quality work.

We dye your carpet creatively so that it leaves a lasting impression on viewers. We use high-quality colors that maintain the glory of your carpet for a long duration.



DyeBold is a reputable carpet dyeing firm in the market due to the amazing benefits we offer to our clients. We make unique designs with the help of innovative carpet dyeing techniques that make your carpets look impressive. If the color fades or it gets some stain, we offer dyeing which is an efficient option to restore it. We also make your carpet look like new as the colors we use are of excellent quality. Moreover, we can also restore the original color of your carpet.

Here, we have discussed some facilities that make us distinctive in the carpet dyeing industry.


Carpets are significantly vibrant and attractive when they are installed in a place, however, their charm goes away with time. If the color quality of the carpet is not good, it may fade within no time.

Stains are also included in the major issues of the carpets. All these problems can be eliminated with the help of a professional carpet dyeing process, which restores the original color of the carpets. DyeBold is always ready to help you with this. We understand all the problems of our clients and dye their carpets suitably.

carpet color options available for carpet dyeing
cleaning the carpet after carpet dyeing

Carpet dyeing not only gives a distinctive color to a new carpet but also can restore the old one. Restoring the original color is not an easy task. DyeBold can help you in this matter, as we have experienced and trained professionals to do this task. We do not only use a good technique for this purpose but also select appropriate colors. The dyes provided by the manufacturers are considered to be best in this matter. DyeBold dyes carpets by using high-quality hues so that we can restore the original color. With the help of a combination of stain removal and dye replacement, we can easily restore many carpets that have been stained due to any reason.


DyeBold specializes in dyeing your carpets appropriately. We have a team of the best dyers who are popular in the industry. Our professionals do a fine job that is always liked by the people. We also make artistic designs on your carpets with our unique dyeing skills that catch the attention of people. We also restore the faded or faulty hue of your carpet suitably so that it looks new and glorious.

Dyebold - Carpet Training Institute

Carpet dyeing is an exclusive skill that can be profitable if you learn it with dedication.

For your ease, DyeBold Academy has started a learning program for interested students. You can learn amazing skills from professionals in the industry. The experience you get by learning from our facilitators can be highly advantageous for you when you start working on the projects of your clients.

Feel free to contact us if you want to benefit from our training programs.