Carpet Dyeing Restores Carpet Vibrancy Due To Color Loss 

Carpets are a common floor covering, found in homes to businesses, schools and non-profits, and they come in different styles, patterns and colors, and are used not only to cover and protect the floors, but also to add beauty and style, completely transforming an area from plain to warm and luxurious. 

Carpet life span vary from a 3 years to 25 years, and many last much longer, depending on its construction, fiber type, foot traffic, weather conditions and maintenance. But even as a carpet is meant to last years, the carpet loses color long before the carpet ever reaches its life span, from bleach spills, sun fade damage, pet accidents, harsh carpet cleaning chemicals, and even over the counter acne products that contain bleaching agents, such as the Benzol Peroxide.

Our carpet dyeing services restore carpets that are bleached and sun-faded, of every color and pattern. We use dyes that are of the highest quality, non-toxic, odorless and wash-fast. The dyed areas can be walked on immediately. Carpet Dyeing also extends the life of your carpet, since one of the steps in dyeing your carpets include neutralizing and rinsing of the chemicals in your carpet that caused the carpet dyes to become unstable and be loosened. Services:

Our carpet dyeing services include Bleached Carpet Repair, Hotel Carpet Dyeing, Expert Carpet Stain RemovalSidematch Correction and Commercial Full Room Carpet Dyeing

Advantages of Carpet Dyeing

Costs of Replacement

Carpet dyeing can save between 60% to 70% over the cost of carpet replacement, a convenience and time saving process done on site. We can fix a bleach spot in a home or business without stopping normal operations. We take minimal space and minimal time to perform the spot repair. This leaves you with less worry and more time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your bleach on carpet repair fix, we will come back to fix it or touch it up to your liking for a small service fee. If the spot is unsightly or untenable, we will refund your money without any question or concern. We are confident in our work and stand behind it.

Utmost Convenience

Dyeing is comparable to getting your carpets cleaned. Whether you are looking to have a bleach on carpet spot repaired, or have your room dyed, on average the expert will only be in your home for a few hours. Afterward, the carpet dries just like carpet after being cleaned. It is that convenient.

So how can carpet bleach stains be removed?

It is important to note that once carpets get bleached, the so called carpet bleach stains cannot be removed. Why not? Because a carpet bleach stain is actually the absence of dyes, so they cannot be removed, but have to be restored via a process of carpet dyeing. 

Carpet Dyeing Process

Carpets can only be dyed using dyes (not crayons like some may do) to replace the dye that had faded from the bleach spill on the carpet. 

In this first video, you can see the custom color formula restoring color to the carpet. You may notice that the dye used is actually purple. This may surprise you considering that the final color is beige! It is not magic; we use advanced color theory to determine what colors have been lost to the bleach and replace them.

Watch The Bleach Spot Disappear

Carpet Dyeing Steps

Carpet dyeing can only be done successfully if each step is followed properly. Take a look at all the steps bellow. 

carpet dyeing services

Neutralizing the Bleach

Neutralizing bleach in the carpet is necessary to ensure the bleach spot will not return. We heat a neutralizing agent and apply it deep into the carpet and padding.
carpet dyeing services

Color Analysis

We then do a systematic color analysis of your carpet. We determine which colors are present in the original carpet and what colors are present in the bleached area.
carpet dyeing services

Assembling the Tools

We then bring out the necessary equipment and dyes needed to perform the job. These materials often include dyes, a syringe, and an advanced airbrushing system.
carpet dyeing services

Mixing the Dye Formula

The dye mixing then begins. We use the results from the analysis to figure out what colors are missing in the bleached area and mix a custom dye formula necessary to replace them.
carpet dyeing services

Applying the Dye

The custom dye formula is then heated, mixed with a chemical that helps it set, and then applied to the carpet with a syringe or airbrushing system. The carpet is groomed for consistency.
carpet dyeing services

Fine Detailing

Lastly, we focus on the fine details that are barely noticeable. The fine details ensure that the carpet looks entirely uniform and consistent. The carpet then drys. That’s it!