Bleach on Carpet


Carpet Dyeing Corrects Bleach Spills on Carpet

Carpets are great at holding a room together and reinforcing the entire style and design of your living space, adding great value to the Property. Carpets can last years, depending on maintenance and wear, but are usually prematurely damaged by spills, most, if not all of which can be removed.

But what about bleach stains?

A bleach spill on carpet can get anyone stressed and freaked out. And the minute you realize that a bleach stain cannot be removed from carpet and that a carpet cleaner cannot do anything about it, you might get really stressed.

But there’s no need to cry over spilled bleach, because we can safely and successfuly eliminate the bleach stain by restoring the color loss from the bleached spot.

Wondering How We Perform Our Carpet Dyeing Magic?

Our carpet dyeing process looks like magic as it instantly causes the bleach spot to disapper. But our carpet dyeing process is anything but magic. We can successfuly re-dye bleached carpet by following all the steps needed for carpet restoration, which you can read more in detail here.


Watch Bleach on Carpet Repair in Real Time

In this video, you can see the custom color formula restoring color to the carpet. You may notice that the dye used is actually purple. This may surprise you considering that the final color is beige!

It is not magic; we use advanced color theory to determine what colors have been lost to the bleach and replace them.

How Does Cleaner/Bleach Spill on Carpet Repair Work?

Mixing the Color Formula

To mix the perfect color formula, we begin by accessing the colors in the original carpet and the colors left in the bleach. We do this by using an application that determines the colors on the carpet. We then mix the colors necessary to bring the bleached area to the original color.

Applying the Color Formula

The formula is then heated to near boiling temperature and mixed with a chemical that helps the dyes to set in the carpet.

The dye is then loaded into a syringe and applied to the faded area, restoring the color of the carpet.

What You Can Expect

The dye process normally takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours. While the expert is in your home or business, you may continue living as usual or stay around if you would like to watch. Once completed, the carpet and the surrounding area will be wet – please let it dry before walking on it.

Costs of Replacement

Regarding convenience and time savings, bleach on carpet damage repair is among the best. We can fix a bleach spot in a home or business without stopping normal operations. We take minimal space and minimal time to perform the spot repair. This leaves you with less worry and more time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your bleach on carpet repair fix, we will come back to fix it or touch it up to your liking for a small service fee. If the spot is unsightly or untenable, we will refund your money without any question or concern. We are confident in our work and stand behind it.

Utmost Convenience

Dyeing is comparable to getting your carpets cleaned. Whether you are looking to have a bleach on carpet spot repaired, or have your room dyed, on average the expert will only be in your home for a few hours. Afterward, the carpet dries just like carpet after being cleaned. It is that convenient.

Areas We Service in Florida and California

Florida Cities and Locations

We perform residential bleach on carpet repair in the Tampa Bay and the immediate surrounding areas. We do commercial carpet dyeing services in the following cities: Orlando, FL, Lakeview, Tampa, Springhill, and all areas between Tampa and Orlando.

California Cities and Locations

For commercial jobs we service San Fransisco, San Jose, Oakland, and all the way to Sacramento. For residential jobs we only service Castro Valley and the immediate surrounding areas. For more information on the areas we service, don’t hesitate to call us.