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Why Should You Learn Carpet Dyeing?

Carpet Dyeing is a specialty service highly sough out by Interior designers, high end hotels, luxury resorts & property managers to restore and maintain carpets in locations where appearance is of the utmost importance!   

This skill is also sought out by cleaning companies, pressure washing companies, pest control companies, and other contractors who inadvertently cause carpet bleaching due to accidental carpet bleaching and damage. 

Carpet Dyeing provides an ideal solution (timewise and costwise) to carpet damage, by restoring the carpet in lieu of carpet permanent sectioning (carpet patch) or carpet replacement, typically saving 60% to 70% over carpet replacement costs. 

Why DyeBold Academy?

Finally a training that is easy to understand and simple to follow!

Using the DyeBold System, students will learn via a carpet dyeing framework that will lead to a deeper understanding of color correction via theory, interaction and hands on practice. 

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Carpet Dyeing Made Easy Training Summary

  • Info shared with the DyeBold Framework
  • ​Taught over 2 days for better info retention
  • ​Simple to Understand
  • ​Easy to Follow
  • ​Includes Syllabus
  • ​Carpet Samples for practice
  • ​Access to Instructional Dyeing videos
  • ​Access to DyeBold Support Facebook group
  • ​DyeBold App

Additional Purchase Required

  • DyeBold Specialty Dyes Kit for dyeing Nylon (Available in 2 oz Pro Starter Kit or Upgraded Expert 16 oz Dye Kit)
    DyeBold Everything Else Dyes for dyeing Polyester, Acrylic and Cotton (Available in 2 oz Pro Starter Kit size)
    * Additional recommended tools provided when you sign up. 


Training Details

Day 1
 Color Theory, Fiber Id, Basic Chemistry, DyeBold System of Dyeing, Intro to DyeBold Specialty Dyes (for wool/nylon/silk) and Hands on Dyeing on Nylon carpet samples
Day 2
 More hands on Dyeing, Intro to Everything Else Dyes and Poly Hands on Dyeing, Marketing of Carpet Dyeing
Training fee includes: 
Color Wheel & Sillabus
Nylon & Polyester carpet samples for hands on learning
Access to Instructional Video Library

Before & After Carpet Dyeing

Our Projects

Over the years, we have had the privilege to work with various clients, such as Hotels, Commercial Property Managers, Contractors & Cleaning Companies, Rug & Carpet Cleaners, Interior Designers, Interior Designers, Pressure Washing Companies & Yacht Owners including:

 U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C.

Four Seasons Hotel, Miami Beach

Wyndham Hotel, Clearwater Beach, FL

Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA

Aloft of Santa Clara in CA – University Club of Washington D.C.

Valley Christian Center, Dublin CA

Rugs by Reza, Sarasota FL


As an expert and leader in the carpet dyeing industry, we believe in continual education is indispensable. Some of our certifications include:
FCITS Carpet Inspector Certification
Colorful Carpets Certification (by Dye Master Chris Howell)
Master Dyer Course (by Dye Master Ron Toney)
Carpet Dyeing Course (by Dye Master Melody David)
Color Repair Technician CRT IICRC
Rug Repair Certification (by The Rug Seminar and The Rug Advocate)
Rug Seminar & Rug ID Certification


  • Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs

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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
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  • Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
    Kaili Tehaney

    They did awesome And fixed the spot on our carpet!! 10/10 would recommend

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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs
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    Learn how to dye carpets & Rugs

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