As a certified carpet dyeing company, we are 100% dedicated to color restoration of carpets and rugs.

Expertise – We are experts at restoring the damaged color, to match the original color by carefully calculating the color that was faded and removed, and applying the dye solution only to the areas needed.

Skill – We are able to restore even the finest areas by applying the dyes with various methods, from a syringe, to airbrush, to a specialty sprayer, such as the DyeBold Machine.

5 Star Rating – We are highly rated and recommended by carpet dyeing professionals, as we have become by our expert carpet dyeing skill to restore many complex colors and intricate patterns, that other carpet dyers could not restore, and to repair other carpet dyeing jobs that have gone wrong, either by a less experienced carpet and rug dyer.

Innovation – We’ve formulated and brought to the market the DyeBold Specialty Dyes and invented the DyeBold Carpet Dyeing Machine




DyeBold Carpet Dyeing Expert

We’ve formulated and developed these dyes over the past few years, specifically to meet our high standards of carpet and rug dyeing. We now have brought the dyes to the market to help other carpet dyers achieve excellent results in carpet dyeing as well. These are not your typical powdered dyes. 

What makes DyeBold Dyes different?

  • Dyes are highly concentrated dyes for wool, nylon and silk carpets and rugs.
  • Each color is evenly balanced to easily yield precise color formula.
  • Dyes are easily dissolvable and completely intermixable to create an unlimited number of colors and shades.
  • Dyes leave no flaky residue. Dyes are highly economical in use and freight costs. 

We are the inventors of the DyeBold Carpet Dyeing Machine, a specialized equipment that was designed for optimum dyeing by enabling the dyer to adjust the temperature and psi.

DyeBold Carpet Dyeing Expert

This equipment was created for our personal use, but per professional dyers request, we’ve produced a small amount of machines that were sold within the US, U.K. and Canada.


FCITS Carpet Inspector Certification

Colorful Carpets Certification (by Dye Master Chris Howell)

Master Dyer Course (by Dye Master Ron Toney)

Carpet Dyeing Course (by Dye Master Melody David)

Color Repair Technician CRT IICRC

Rug Repair Certification (by The Rug Seminar and The Rug Advocate)

Rug Seminar & Rug ID Certification

Prior Projects

U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C.,

Four Seasons Hotel, Miami Beach

Wyndham Hotel, Clearwater Beach, FL

Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA

Aloft of Santa Clara in CA

University Club of Washington D.C.

Valley Christian Center, Dublin CA

Rugs by Reza, Sarasota FL & MORE

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