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Experienced carpet dyeing company provides you with amazing carpet dyeing solutions. Take advantage of remarkable color quality and make your carpets look glorious.

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The team of DyeBold goes through a simple yet highly efficient method while dyeing a carpet. As a reputable carpet dyeing company, we maintain the quality of our work by focusing on the tiny details of the dyeing process.  The first important step we follow is neutralizing the bleach in the carpet. For this purpose, our professionals heat the neutralizing agent and apply it deep into the rug and carpet. After this, we gather the right tools that include dyes, a syringe, and an airbrushing system. Color analysis is also a highly important step that we do not miss. The hue of dye we select decides the new color of your carpet. 

The final color is achieved by mixing appropriate dye formulas. Once the dye for the rug or carpet is ready, we apply it to your carpet or Rug.  The termination step is detailing and finishing the carpet that depicts the final and magnificent result of our work.


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DyeBold is a licensed and certified carpet dyeing company always ready to serve you with premium quality carpet dyeing and restoration facilities.

We do not only take the responsibility of dyeing your carpets and rugs. You can also contact us if you want restoration and side match services from our experienced professionals. Customer satisfaction is the biggest achievement of our company.

By providing great quality dyeing and color restoration services, we have pleased many clients.


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Reviews from customers
Sounds amazing but I can’t even get a legitimate response to my inquiries. I get an automated text reply that is supposed to encourage my that my my interest is important, and then only crickets. Days later…..nothing.
Jerry Everly
DyeBold Carpet Dyeing just finished taking care of a bleach spill on our carpet. I cannot say enough for the expertise of Issa and Kenny. They are a great team and work professionally and expeditiously together. The results are outstanding. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
Brenden Schow
DyeBold carpet dyeing did a really great job on matching the color differences seen on our carpet. The work was great quality and the before and after carpet conditions were like night and day!
Alexis Hodge
My parents had DyeBold carpet dying come fix multiple bleach spots. I was cleaning the carpets and used bleach by accident. My parents were not happy with me and it was going to cost us a fortune to rip out the carpets. DyeBold carpet saved us and i couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you for all you guys do!
David Blake
Good stuff
Deb McDannel
I took Issa’s rug dying class as part of a larger class. I just have to say, she knows her stuff. We practiced on wool and nylon carpet. I know where to send rugs with dye issues and I know where to go to learn more in-depth how to dye carpet and rugs. Would highly recommend her dying service or school!
Corey Peterson
Issa has become one of the best colorists and dye professionals in the rug industry. My clients rug went from (my fault from dye stripper) ruined to amazing in a couple weeks. I can sing her praises daily but it wouldn't be enough. Thank you Issa.
odersy untoria
DyeBold is the carpet dyeing expert app they can take care of any carpet issue, faded or stains. Highly recommended!
Naples Rug Spa
Issa is great. She was able to fix a dye issue on one of our customers rugs that we didn't think was salvage able. Not only did she do a good job but she was very professional. We will definitely be using her again in the future.
Nicole B.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Issa and her company! I manage a rug cleaning company in Massachusetts and had a problem with a rug we cleaned after some dyes came out during the cleaning process. The DyeBold system is easy to understand and Issa was available every step of the way whenever I needed any guidance. Issa went SO far out of her way to help me correct this problem, and I could not be more thankful for her kindness, patience and guidance. I highly highly recommend her and her company!

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Searching for a professional service provider for your rug & carpet dyeing? DyeBold is always there to serve you with the best. Because of our professionalism our clients always get satisfied with our services. We have extensive experience in dyeing and restoring carpets & rugs of all types, colors, and patterns.

Rugs mostly act as a fascinating decors and are mostly placed at the sites where they attract visitors like the living room. Therefore, the designs and colors of your rug must be unique and catchy. DyeBold is a well-trained carpet dyeing company that dyes the rug well so that it catches the eye of viewers and leaves a lasting impression on them. We also adopt an artistic approach while dyeing your carpet. The quality of color we use mostly provides you with long-lasting benefits.

Call us or book an appointment if you are interested in getting your carpet or rug dyed by highly trained professionals in the industry.


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we use modern equipment and techniques to restore the hue of your carpet and rugs.


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Dyebold is Florida’s leading carpet & rug dyeing company. We offer complete solutions for your carpet dyeing problems.


We are also a carpet training institute and proud in teaching this highly specialized & unique skill of carpet dyeing through our online and in-person sessions. Our Studio is located in Tampa Bay, FL, where we receive carpets & rugs from throughout the US and abroad and we dye, repair and restore them in front of our students, guiding them throughout the whole process, explaining each and every detail and answering their questions.

If you are also interested in learning more about our carpet & rug dyeing classes click the link below.

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Get in touch With the top Carpet Dyeing Company in Flordia and for all your carpet dyeing & rug restoration problems, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of services. Our experts are highly trained and certified.