From Dyeing to Stain Removal, Our Process is Safe & Fast, so Businesses Can Focus on Business, instead of Time Consuming Costly Carpet Replacement Projects. We Eliminate the Need for Carpet Replacement Due to Isolated Carpet Issues, Bleach Spots and Stains. 

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We Eliminate the Need for Hotels to Replace Carpets Due to Isolated Bleach Spots & Stains. Most Carpets Can Be Used the Same Day.


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We Correct Carpet Sidematch, Eliminating the Need for Carpet Replacement, a Win/Win for Manufacturers and End User.

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Dedicated to Restoring Each with Great Attention to Detail by Airbrushing Every Color Needed to Bring Back the Rug’s Original Color, from Oriental, Persian & Modern Rugs with Various Fibers, Including Wool, Silk, Sisal & Viscose.


From Custom Created Multi-Patterned Carpets to Intricate Patterns Found in Oriental & Persian Rugs, We Can Restore the Original Color. Dyes Are Wash-Fast, Color Fast and Non-Toxic.

DyeBold is a leading certified carpet dyeing company dedicated 100% to carpet dyeing and rug airbrushing restoration services. 

Our services are highly sought out by home owners, hotels and resorts, property managers, and commercial properties,cleaning companies, pressure washing companies, pest control companies, and other contractors who inadvertently cause carpet bleaching due to accidental carpet bleaching and damage. 

Our carpet dyeing services restore bleached carpets quickly and at a fraction of the cost, saving 60% to 70% over carpet replacement costs.

Carpet Dyeing Services

Our on-site carpet dyeing services can restore all colors and patterns of carpets, and is the most cost-effective solution to carpets that have been bleached, faded and stained, typically saving 60% to 70% over the cost of carpet replacement. The carpet dyeing process is fast and convenient, unlike the hassle of getting the carpets replaced. The process not only restores the lost carpet color, but also extends its life span, adding years of additional enjoyment, increasing the return on your initial carpet investment.  Dyed carpets can be walked on immediately and can be cleaned as normal.

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Bleached Carpet Repair

Color restoration of carpets with  spills and and carpet areas that have faded from sun exposure or stain removal attempts.

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Hotel Carpet Dyeing & Stain Removal

Our process saves businesses from having to replace carpets due to isolated faded and stained areas.

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Carpet Sidematch Correction

We restore carpets that have a color side match problem, but feather blending the color discrepancy.

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Carpet Stain Removal

We remove stubborn stains that cannot be removed by other cleaners, including coffee, wine, turmeric, blood, pet stains and more.

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Full Room Carpet Dyeing (Commercial Only)

Our process saves businesses from having to replace carpets due to fade and stains.

Rug Dyeing Services

Our specialty rug dyeing services can restore Oriental, Persian and modern rugs, that are composed of wool, nylon, viscose, silk, sisal, and others. We can match every color, with our unique rug dyes that can achieve even the deepest colors. For localized color loss, our precise airbrush system can deliver dyes to the exact areas that need color restoration. For rugs that have large area color loss, and for rug over dyeing, we utilize the DyeBold Carpet Dyeing machine, a unique system created to deliver dyes in higher quantity with the ideal temperature and psi.

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Rug Airbrushing

This very skilled craft allows us to restore the most intricate areas in Persian, Oriental and multi-patterned designer rugs.

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Rug Color Run Restoration

To Correct newly installed carpets with seam color difference.
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Rug Stubborn Stain Treatment Restoration

To correct stains that have been deemed to be permanent. 

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Rug Overdyeing

To bring an outdated colored rug to an up to date color to match your decour.

Before & After Carpet Dyeing

Our Projects

Over the years, we have had the privilege to work with various clients, such as Hotels, Commercial Property Managers, Contractors & Cleaning Companies, Rug & Carpet Cleaners, Interior Designers, Interior Designers, Pressure Washing Companies & Yacht Owners including:

 U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C.

Four Seasons Hotel, Miami Beach

Wyndham Hotel, Clearwater Beach, FL

Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA

Aloft of Santa Clara in CA – University Club of Washington D.C.

Valley Christian Center, Dublin CA

Rugs by Reza, Sarasota FL


As an expert and leader in the carpet dyeing industry, we believe in continual education is indispensable. Some of our certifications include:
FCITS Carpet Inspector Certification
Colorful Carpets Certification (by Dye Master Chris Howell)
Master Dyer Course (by Dye Master Ron Toney)
Carpet Dyeing Course (by Dye Master Melody David)
Color Repair Technician CRT IICRC
Rug Repair Certification (by The Rug Seminar and The Rug Advocate)
Rug Seminar & Rug ID Certification


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