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Dyebold Academy

Basic & Advanced Training in Carpet Dyeing & Rug Dyeing with the unique DyeBold Framework & App

Rug Dyeing of Wool/Silk & Viscose

DyeBold Academy is an excellent carpet training institute that teaches and polishes your dyeing skills. No doubt the importance of carpet and rug dyeing is increasing day by day. However, there are only a few professionals available in the market who are experts in this skill. One of the prime reasons for that is the lack of skilled trainers.

DyeBold Academy understands the needs of the market and provides easy learning solutions to interested students. We do not believe in sole theoretical knowledge when teaching a skill. We also focus on the hands-on practice of our students so that they can practically apply what they learn and start making money right away!

Dyebold - Carpet Training Institute

The institute from which you are learning matters a lot. DyeBold is a carpet training institute with numerous trained professionals ready to teach their outclass skills. Our facilitators are professional rug and carpet dyers. Most of them are also popular due to their premium skills. 

Issa Hoker - owner and founder of dyebold

Issa Hoker, the founder, and CEO of DyeBold is a famous dyeing expert in the carpet industry.

“We not only train you for getting common and small dyeing projects but also develop your skill to handle bigger and profitable works without much discomfort. So, Learn carpet dyeing from us to add extraordinary skill to your CV”

Start Your Dyeing Learning Journey With The Top Carpet Training Institute.


Carpet Dyeing Training

Carpet dyeing is an artistic skill that is highly valuable in the market. DyeBold Academy understands the importance and market value of this skill. Therefore, we are offering carpet dyeing training programs to the people. Our training will make students eligible to do the dyeing projects and earn money. You can contact us if you are interested in learning this high-in-demand skill to earn a significant profit.

We pay special attention to practical work so that you do not face any problems while dyeing carpets for your customers. Moreover, the methods we teach are highly easy to do and save your time, suitably. If you have learned carpet dyeing from someone else but did not find it helpful, come to us. Our modern techniques will make this skill easy to learn for you. You can also learn from us even if you have no idea about this field. We can build and polish your skill from scratch and make you an expert.


Rug Dyeing Workshops

People often need rugs in their houses and offices. If you glorify them with suitable dyeing, they add extra charm to their place. DyeBold Academy is well-aware of the importance and market demand for rug dyeing. We can offer training programs and workshops to teach our students an efficient method of dyeing rugs. Our professional teachers not only teach you the dyeing methods but also strengthen your confidence by allowing you to do some practical dyeing.

It helps you in your field and makes you eligible to satisfy your clients with your work. If you choose us to learn rug dyeing skills, you can take advantage of 10 years of experience and know all the mistakes you need to avoid while doing this task.